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英文名稱:Single Layer Polypropylene (TCP/TCPE)


商 品 說 明 資 料

Single Layer Polypropylene (TCP/TCPE)
• All-polypropylene construction, medium is single layer of thermally bonded polypropylene
• Pore size range 1 – 30 μm
• TCP – Upstream and downstream support
           – Larger effective filtration area
• TCPE – Thicker grade of polypropylene is stronger and does not require support
             – Less effective filtration area

• Filter process waters for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries
• Use as a prefilter in series upstream of a final membrane to clarify solutions
• Applications that require chemical resistance


  TCP-1  TCP-3  TCP-7  TCP-10  TCP-30  TCPE-3  TCPE-10  TCPE-30
Nominal Rating 1 μm  3 μm  7 μm    10 μm    30 μm    3 μm    10 μm  30 μm
Filtration Area per Single Length 4,200 cm2    5,600 cm2    4,200 cm2    5,000 cm2    6,200 cm2    3,700 cm2
Max. Differential Pressure (25°C) 0.49 MPa (71 psi)
Max. Operating Temperature 80°C (176°F)


End Cap Polypropylene
Support Media (TCP) Polypropylene
Membrane Polypropylene
Core Tube Polypropylene
Outer Sleeve Polypropylene